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http5000 covers every aspect of communication: from print to digital, from concept to finished design, we’ve got everthing you might need.


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we design any type of documents

For a well-designed communication

Our graphic designers use their creativity and technical skills every day to make beautiful documents, real eye-catchers for your prospects.

We advise you about the type of documents to produce and the message they should bear depending on your targets, your field of work, and so on. We care about detail, at each step of the design, to produce technically and aesthetically flawless documents. Our way of working puts together creativity and strictness, for clear and catching designs: we’re satisfied when your are.


Whether you’re creating a new business or want to renew your image, we design your logo and visual identity.

Editorial design

We can design catalogues, magazines, reports… We’re fast and used to short-term deadlines.


We customize your website and your social networks pages to better represent your brand.

Official communication

We’re used to work with administrations such as mayor’s offices and so on. Feel free to contact us, we’ll be please to take charge of the communication!

Photo & Video

We have a professionnal photo and film service, to better promote your company, your products or your services.


Our designers are also illustrators. We can use different styles to match your needs: comics, manga, realist, abstract…


laser or offset eco-friendly printing

A printing house you’ll recommend!

Http5000 was originally a printing and copying house created in the early 2000’s. We’re part of a highly qualified printing network based in Lyon (and elsewhere in France). We’ll select the solutions that best suit your needs: offset, digital, large scale… Our workshops are selected on quality and environmental criteria (vegetal ink, Iso 9001, Iso 14001).

We work fast to meet your deadlines, we provide a quality service, and we can give you a quote quickly and for free.


Your business card is the first impression you’ll make as a professionnal: we make sure it’s a good one. The customization possibilities are endless, from the paper to the finishes (such as embossing, varnish, cutings…), and with the graphic design we can also provide, your card will be unique.


That’s a classic. The choice is huge between papers, finishes, textures, sizes… It will adapt to every event or message.


The flyer is too small for you? Better choose a fold! The perfect document to show some details, yet easily pocketable. As every of our product, you’ll have a large choice of paper, finishes, foldings to get the perfect promotion document.


Stapled or paper-back, we’re also able to print everything for the small 8 pages report all the way to the big products index with hundreds of pages.


We’re used to print everything you’ll need at your office: enveloppes, stationery, notepads, calendars, sticky notes… you name it!


We can make small amounts of every of our products. This way you’ll always have up-to-date documents.

Most of our products are available in 2-3 working days.


goodies, business gifts, incentive, clothes…

Items they’ll care about!

We advise you so you get the items that best suit your business, with the best mileage: it means your partners will keep them, and they’ll remind them of you.

Almonst anything can be made as an advertising item, and we have them all! Just ask and we’ll provide.


We help you get the objects that will match your business and your partners needs.


From the cheapest to the luxury items, we got something that fits in your budget.

Short deadlines

We have solutions to get products as fast as a week from now : USB keys, mugs, T-shirts, etc.

Got and idea?

We can make almost anything as an advertising item: you name what you need, and we’ll get it for you.


For business gifts, associate your name to a luxury brand: find out our top of the line items.


Power banks, fit wristbands, bluetooth connected objects… These items have a long lifetime and a high perceived value.

From Asia

For big amounts, benefit from our network’s offices in Asia (Shenzen, Hong Kong, Singapore…). We can guarantee the best value for money for any technology item.


transform your website into a business maker!

One of the most efficient tools for business

Having a website is almost mandatory for any business nowadays. It is a great opportunity to boost your economic growth, get contacts through the web, and it can even become a new income source.

If your business is not on the Internet, then your business will be out of business.

Bill Gates, Microsoft founder

Introduce your products and services

This is the first goal of a website. Your contacts need to know who you are and how you work, and they go online to find out. A clear, beautiful website will reassure them and make them want to work with you.

Generate leads

We can make your website as your first contact source thanks to SEO, landing pages, social networks or even marketing campaigns. We’re in charge of everything – monthly meetings guarantee up-to-date solutions. How much you think a new prospect is worth?

Sell online

You can offer your products and services online right now! E-commerce grows steadily each year and your clients may already be used to order online. It’s a important income source that waits just for you.

Open Source

No licence, you’re the owner of your website. You’re a part of a huge community that allows a great choice of features, and still remain free.

Reponsive Design

Your site adapts to the device it’s displayed on, so it looks good and is pleasant to browse on desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.


We use the latest technologies, so your site is optimized to get a good place on search engines.


Regular updates ensure the smooth performance of your site. And we quickly intervene in case of any problem.

Web expertise

With http5000 you benefit from an expertise in every aspect of web communication: developers, designers, editors, community managers, SEO expert…

Monitoring and advising

From the first brief meeting to monthly monitoring after the publication of the site, we advise you to guarantee your success on the web.


Your site is versatile: it will adapt to your business mutations without having to start again from scratch.

Redaction & Animation

Content is the key to performance on internet. We offer regular editing depending on your business and your clients.


let’s make your app together


Every study shows that mobile devices are more and more used: they’re in the pockets, in the hands of your clients, your prospects. Thanks to smartphones and tablets, new economic patterns are appearing (AirBnB, Uber…) and this is an opportunity to catch for new and experienced companies.

Http5000 guides you through the development, implementation, and evolution of your project.

We help you change your ideas into a specifications brief.

We validate with you the main features and write together the specifications brief.

We can help you to wake your network and make a future users community to boost the launch of your app.

We already have some of the technologic solutions you need: Third party services, API, APK…

We develop for iOS, Android, and as web-app.

We can handle the maintenance and monitoring of your app, and the evolution and animation of your community.

The steps in the creation of a mobile application



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